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West Flanders Mayor Resigns After Controversial Sex Video Screening at Party Event

Vanderjeugd reportedly showed a self-made, sexually suggestive video to a gathering of young adults, which sparked outrage both within the community and among political peers, including members of his own Open VLD party

Belgium Misses Climate Plan Deadline Amidst Regional Discord: EU Sanctions Loom

Belgium's Climate Minister Zakia Khattabi (Ecolo) has attributed the delay to Flanders, one of the country's three regions, which has refused to approve the national climate plan endorsed by Brussels and Wallonia

Community and Crisis: Brussels Squat Closure Leaves Asylum Seekers Stranded

Residents like alYazouri were offered a brief reprieve in a hotel paid for by the landlord but soon found themselves back on the streets. Some sought refuge in other squats, while others turned to organizations like Samusocial for assistance or resorted to sleeping rough

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Sans Disk offering deals on Amazon during Prime Day

We all know that this week there is Prime Day sale on Amazon, and the online retailer is offering deals on almost every product...

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Amazon Echo Show 5 Review

It’s been not even a complete year since the launch of second generation Amazon Echo Show display, and Amazon has released a new model...

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