Opposition leader Peter Dutton outlines budget for zero-emission nuclear small modular reactors

During his Budget Reply speech Peter Dutton claimed “Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdon and the United States of America are all investing in next generation, zero-emission nuclear small modular reactors.”

In a reply to this Simon Holmes à Court says the reality for zero-emission nuclear small modular reactors.” presently under construction in

• Canada: 0
• France: 0
• Japan: 0
• South Korea: 0
• United Kingdom: 0
• United States: 0

It is understood Canada is borrowing $708 million (AU) to develop nuke mod reactors with Japanese coy Hitachi, which may be functional at the end of this decade and could power up to 300,000 homes.

About 15% of Canada’s power currently supplied by 5 nuke power stations. Nuclear is not clean power anyway it will be a major achievement if there’s even a single fully operational SMR in any of the countries above before 2030.

The question is why isn’t Peter Dutton embarrassed to suggest Nuclear Power, the most expensive form of energy, after a decade of doing absolutely nothing?

All things considered it would appear Peter Dutton doesn’t want cheaper energy…he wants the gravy train to continue for his mining industry owners.

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