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Pope Francis to Address Victims of Sexual Violence During Belgium Visit in September

The visit will run from the evening of September 26 to September 29 and will mark the 600th anniversary of KU Leuven and UCLouvain universities. The Vatican's detailed schedule for the Pope’s visit was unveiled on Friday, outlining a series of significant events and meetings across Belgium

Major Money-Laundering Operation Uncovered in Hal-Vilvoorde: Eight Arrested and €440,000 Confiscated

Federal police have arrested eight individuals, frozen 500 bank accounts, and confiscated €440,000 in cash during a series of coordinated raids across multiple cities

Belgium Prepares for National Day Celebrations: Major Traffic Disruptions in Brussels Expected

To facilitate public transport, Brussels' public transport operator STIB is enhancing its services for the day, with metros, trams, and buses operating at higher frequencies and extended hours

Belgium Braces for Summer Heat Followed by Storms

By the afternoon, the clouds will clear from the west, allowing temperatures to rise. Coastal and southern regions will enjoy mid-20s temperatures, while central areas, including Brussels and the northeast region of Kempen, will reach 30°C

Belgian Chip Shop Aims to Break World Record with Non-Stop Chip Frying Marathon

Van Den Langenbergh aims to surpass this milestone by frying chips tirelessly for 127 hours and 15 minutes, a feat that requires not only culinary skill but also physical endurance

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