Namur Capitale de la Biere festival welcomes 10,000 individuals

Belgium: The “Namur Capitale de la Bière” festival welcomed about 10,000 individuals from Friday evening through Sunday. This was the festival’s tenth edition and the first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though organisers expected about 12,00 attendees, the 10,000 beer-lovers reflected the attendance of the previous festival in 2019.

This year, the entrance fee to the festival was raised from €2 to €3.50 to account for rising expenditure costs and to offer a broader range of services, like free as well as frequently-cleaned toilets, according to the reports.

The Namur Events Association mentioned in the statement, “We had a lot of people during the day on Saturday and especially on Sunday, which used to be a rather quiet and family day. The habits of our festival-goers seem to have changed a bit with the coronavirus.”

Moreover, in total, 39 brewers from all over Belgium were presented in Namur with no fewer than 230 special beers. New breweries such as Belgium peak Beek (Waimes), Chez Bobbi (Ittre) and Gansbeek Brewing (Brussels) attended the festival. Scottish brewer BrewDog was also back after being featured in 2019.

Legrain mentioned in the statement, “All the exhibitors were happy to be able to present their beers to a large audience again.”

Additionally, to all the beer vendors, festival-goers could enjoy various food trucks, listen to live music and spend time under evening garland lights.

Overall, Legrain stated this year’s “Namur Capitale de la Bière” was a great success. This festival is one in a series of four that Namur puts on for beer connoisseurs. The next one, “Stout Sure Meuse,” will take place on 11-12 November.

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