Rome reports massive fire incident; Mayor spokesperson claims it as work by arsonist

Europe: Over several boroughs of Rome, the sky turned dark again yesterday following an enormous fire broke out in the east of the Italian capital.

The fire is believed to have set in a park as well as then spread to various junkyards, with a large black cloud of smoke that could be seen all over the city.

According to Mayor Roberto Gualtieri’s spokesperson, it is the work of arsonists, claiming it is a deliberate as well as sustained attempt to start fires to harm the city government as well as the new mayor.

Along with this, an investigation will have to show whether it concerns individual perpetrators or organised crime.

Four buildings were evacuated as a precaution. As per the sources, 130 families live there.

Other people were advised to keep doors as well as windows closed and to wear a mouth mask on the street. In addition, the smoke from the junkyards may have been toxic.

Moreover, the fire is now reportedly under control after a special fire truck from Ciampino Airport was deployed.

Furthermore., it was the fourth major fire in Rome in as many ways.

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