London: Protests erupts outside Iranian embassy, injures five officers

London: Five officers had been severely wounded, and 12 people were apprehended as well as 12 individuals were arrested after the fatal and violent outbreak outside the Iranian Embassy in London, according to the Met police. 

The police and protesters have been in conflict outside the Embassy. The Mob was chanting, “Death to the Islamic republic.” 

The majority of the individuals gathered outside the Embassy on Sunday afternoon to protest against the Iranian regime after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was in police custody.

The Met Office shared the information in a statement, and they revealed that five officers of the force were severely wounded after this fatal incident outside Iranian Embassy in London. 

Along with this, the cousin of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody, highlighted that she was “tortured as well as insulted” before she died after being arrested for allegedly wearing her hijab too loosely.

The protests have been spread all over Iran, leading to fatal outbreaks outside the Iranian Embassy in London. 

Iranian streets witnessed mobs burning the hijabs publically as well as cutting their hair in the streets. 

Moreover, in London, the angry protesters shouted as well as pushed officers who had formed a line in front of the Embassy. 

Crowds waved Iran’s former national flag from before 1979, as well as online footage also showed violent altercations breaking out.

London Police stated that “a substantial group” of the large crowd were “intent on causing disorder”, adding that reinforcements had been called in when protesters tried to break police lines as well as storm towards the embassy compound.

The maximum number of police officers have been wounded in the skirmishes.

Furthermore, the sources reported that the Iranian Foreign Ministry also summoned the UK’s ambassador to Iran on Saturday and protested the hosting of critical media outlets. 

Iran stated it considers the news agencies‘ reporting interference in Iran’s internal affairs.

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