British man visits 67 different pubs in 17 hours, creates Guinness World Record

United Kingdom: A man from British made history by breaking the Guinness World Record of having drinks at 67 different pubs in about 17 hours.

As per the sources, the English man is identified as to be Nathan Crimp. The 22-year-old accepted the challenge of the most visited pubs within 24 hours by an individual.

He ended up drinking at 67 pubs in the Brighton locality of England within the time frame of 17 hours. At the time of the challenge, the youngster was not alone, and a pair of friends accompanied him.

While opening up about his new world record, Crimp mentioned in the statement that attempting the challenge was one of the hardest things he had done in life so far.

As per the 22-year-old man, the challenge did appear tough to him as it turned out to be. He mentioned, “It was easily the hardest thing I have ever done.”

Along with this, the youngster had a well-planned strategy as to how to go about breaking the record but eventually, everything went for a toss.

The objective of Crimp was to be sober for the first 25 pubs he visits, but that failed after only 15 pubs.

Moreover, the youngster tried mixing it up and drank alcoholic drinks in one pub but opted for a non-alcoholic beverage in another.

He added to the statement, ” I tried to drink alcohol in one as well as non-alcoholic drink in another – trying to space it out.”

Meanwhile, apart from trying to remain sober, the intake of liquids became another challenge for Crimp.

He reportedly claimed to have downed about 20-30 litres of drinks within 17 hours. The world record holder joked that it was his frequent necessity of going to the toilet that took up most of his time while completing the challenge.

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