London: Man touches Queen’s coffin, get arrested

Europe: A man has been apprehended as he jumped out of the queue of people waiting, ran up the stairs to the podium and touched the queen’s coffin, as per the sources.

Thousands of people were standing in hour-long queues to say their last farewells to Queen Elizabeth II, whose coffin is at Westminister Hall.

This incident took place on Friday, and all the attention was centred on the man who jumped and touched the queen’s coffin.

Moreover, shortly after he took this step, he was arrested, confirmed Scotland Yard.

The incident is noticed to have taken place just before 22:00, after which media agencies tuned away from broadcasting the mourners as well as instead showing the view outside parliament.

Along with this, the representative of the British Parliament shared the information that someone from the audience stepped out of the queue and reached for the podium with the coffin. He mentioned in the statement, “That person has been removed from the hall, and the queue has restarted with minimal disruption.”

Earlier that evening, King Charles III was joined by his siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward in a vigil of the princes. A similar vigil is reported to be held on Saturday evening by the grandchildren of the queen.

But, the man in the queue is not the only one to have drawn attention to happenings nearby the coffin. On Wednesday evening, a guard suddenly fainted while guarding Queen Elizabeth’s coffin.

Furthermore, the body of Queen Elizabeth will remain at Westminster Hall until Monday, when it will be transported to Westminster Abbey for the funeral.

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