Italy to ease travel restrictions for incoming passengers from March 1

In Europe, the individuals who travel from non-European nations will soon be able to get access to Italy under the relaxation of the rules as the authorities have decided to release the pre-entry testing requirements and the non-essential travel ban.

The information has been shared by the Italian Minister of Health named Roberto Speranza mentioned that from the beginning of 1 March, the travellers coming from the other countries will follow similar rules as the travellers from the European Union.

Speranza shared a Tweet on 22 February, in which he stated, “From 1 March for arrivals from all non-European countries, the same rules will be in force as already provided for European countries. One of the conditions of the green pass will be sufficient for entry into Italy: vaccination certificate, recovery certificate, or negative test.”

Moreover, this depicts the information that the countries will to get the entry in Italy without facing any issues related to the additional entry rules and regulations if they will have a vaccination to the recovery certificate along with them or a negative COVID-19 test result.

Additionally, the statement that has been made also indicates that the travel ban will also be removed which means that the travellers from the non-European nation will be also be ended.

The travellers visiting the European Nations from the other parts of the world will be able to enter Italy for the travel goals without having to show any proof related to travelling or any essential documents.

Along with this, the Ministry of Health of Italy will share more information related to this transformation.

Meanwhile, the statement that has been made by the minister, it can be concluded that the authorities in Italy will not apply on the bases of the rules and regulations or country of origin from which is travelling but will be based on the person’s status

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