Extreme weather took 1,45,000 lives and half trillion Euros in 40 years: Reports

The extreme weather condition all over the European Nations which has caused more than 145,000 deaths and severe economic losses since the previous 40 years, as per the information provided by the report.

The abnormal happening is used to occur more than as compared to the others.

According to the reports which were published on Thursday, these weather conditions have cost Europe over a trillion euros as well as between 85,000, and 145,000 people have faced deaths over the previous 40 years.

As per the study, the authorities should work on the issues to undervalue the damage and build the strength after the year that witnessed destructive floods in Germany and Belgium, including the forest fires all over the swaths of southern Europe.

However, the casualties that have been caused by the severe weather at this current period was recorded as between 85,000 and 145,000, and the economic losses had been increased between €450 billion and €520 billion ($514 billion and $594 billion) since 40 years.

The small percentage of the extreme events is about 31 percent of all, and it was responsible for almost 60% of the financial damages.

Germany has to bear the highest number of economic losses, which was around €110 billion and the same was followed by France and then Italy.

As per the reports, the most amount of loss related to the per capita was noticed in Switzerland, Slovenia and France. The most elevated losses associated with the land area were in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

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