1 in 7 Belgians skips their meals due to financial problems: Reports

Europe: One in seven Belgians say that they have skipped a meal within the last two weeks due to financial problems, as per the “Grand Barometer” as per the survey.

The survey, which was conducted over the space of a week among 2,552 Belgians from across the country, asked locals about their financial situation and their quality of life. The data shows that Belgians are increasingly concerned about their finances and are supportive of bringing about the more significant change to support the needy.

There was 13 percent of the respondents admitted that they had skipped a meal within the last two weeks, 12 percent had started they had been hungry but had not eaten, as well as a further 7 percent went a whole day without eating.

Moreover, the citizens of Belgium are worried about their purchasing power. Fifty-five percent of Belgians fear for their purchasing power against the backdrop of record-high inflation and rising energy prices. Thirty-one percent are concerned about their Taxes, 29 percent about poverty and social equality, 22 percent about climate change, and 17 percent about immigration control.

Pessimism all over the country is growing, as per the statistics published by the sources. About 47 percent of Belgians now believe that their current financial situation has deteriorated over the last six months. These feelings are most pronounced in Wallonia and Brussels Capital region their 51 percent, then in the comparatively richer Flanders (45 percent).

Another 46 percent of a large number of responders stated that their situation has hardly changed since the end of last year, mainly in Flanders. For most, this last month has been the most challenging, and the majority of respondents say that making meet has been the most challenging and the majority of responders say that making ends meet has been fairly “difficult.”

Furthermore, energy is the most commonly cited reason for deteriorating household spending. Thirty-eight percent worry about not being able to pay their bills on time, including nearly 49 percent of Brussels residents. However, this statistic has improved since the spring.

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