Integrated political vision is absent from Brussels strategy to end violence against women

The regional administration has put out 56 ideas for new measures to address violence against women, but the Brussels Council for Equality between Women and Men thinks the plan still needs a lot of work because so many vulnerable groups are not being taken care of.

According to research by the Brussels Council for Equality between Women and Men, some groups within society, including young people, older women, migrants, and notably migrant women, are more at risk of neglect.

The Equal Opportunities Committee of the Brussels Parliament will review the study on Tuesday. According to sources, it is a component of the Brussels plan to prevent violence against women.

Creating emergency services, addressing sexual harassment at work, and providing training for government officials are a few of the strategies to combat violence. The Secretary of State in charge of the bill, which was introduced in July 2020, is Nawal Ben Hamou (PS).

Despite the Council’s support for the plan, it still lacks a “regional and integrated political vision of the fight against violence,” according to the Council. It should be noted that the report lacks priorities for prevention, protection, prosecution, and coordination.

The Council added to the statement, “It leaves whole areas of expertise in the fight against violence in the dark, particularly in the healthcare domain, and the fight for the financial autonomy of women.”

Along with this, for the Council, the fight against violence against women is intersectional as well as linked to financial autonomy. The Council stated in the month of June 2020 that poverty generates as well as contributes to sexist and sexual violence during the pandemic.

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