India: Amritpal’s close aide Daljeet Kalsi detained by Punjab Police

Punjab, India: Daljeet  Kalsi, a resident of West Punjabi Bagh, is an important assistant and consultant to Amritpal Singh, who is the leader of a group called Waris De Punjab (WPD). Kalsi is presently in the custody of the Punjab Police.

It has been confirmed that there is a link between Amritpal Singh, a Sikh extremist who fled, and Daljeet  Kalsi, his assistant who was arrested, as Kalsi was observed delivering a written request opposing India to the Pakistani Consul General in Vancouver, Canada, which is a centre for Sikh separatism.


Punjab Police detained Daljeet Singh Kalsi under section 3 (2) of the National Security Act and also under the key adviser of Amritpal Singh, imposed leader of the so-called Waris De Punjab (WDP) movement, and has accompanied the Khalistan extremist in his public appearances after the Amritpal reached in India on August 20, 2022. 

Kalsi, who is a resident of West Punjabi Bagh and by profession, is an actor and a writer. As per resources, he is called to be a suspicious anointment of Amritpal as “Mukh Sevadar” of the so-called Waris De Punjab (WDP) after the death of Deep Sidhu in an accident on February 15, 2022. 

As per the resources of security and intelligence inputs, Kalsi was a part of the conspiracy to damage the Ajnala Police station on February 23, 2023. Sources also stated that he had been an active liaison with the Pakistani establishment through the Consulate General in Vancouver and also through Dubai.

Furthermore, it is observed that Sikh extremism and Amritpal got all the funding from Canada and UK for their national security by turning a blind eye to Indian security concerns.

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