Defying all odds, The Punjabi athletes

The rise of Punjabi athletes in international sports in recent years has been remarkable, showcasing their resilience and spirit despite facing numerous challenges. Punjabi athletes have broken barriers and significantly impacted the global stage, serving as role models and a source of inspiration for young Punjabis.

Pakistan: Federal Govt faces criticism over free wheat distribution in Punjab

Pakistan: The federal government has faced criticism for how it distributed free wheat flour in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In response, they have asked the Gilgit-Baltistan administration to reduce the cost of subsidized wheat for citizens in a targeted way and charge wealthy people market rates to ensure a sustainable supply. The GB government has agreed to raise flour prices, which are currently much lower in the region than in the rest of the country.

India: Amritpal’s close aide Daljeet Kalsi detained by Punjab Police

Punjab, India: Daljit Singh Kalsi, a resident of West Punjabi Bagh, is an important assistant and consultant to Amritpal Singh, who is the leader of a group called Waris De Punjab (WPD). Kalsi is presently in the custody of the Punjab Police.

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