Human rights activist Monica Benicio criticizes rape accused former councillor Gabriel Monteiro

Human rights activist and right to Brazil, Monica Benicio, criticized a former councillor who has been apprehended because of a rape case which was occurred in the month of July this year.

She took to Twitter and asserted that such kinds of people are enemies of women and crime against women is increasing rather than decreasing.

She shared an official statement, “Gabriel Monteiro arrested! The former councillor had his preventive detention ordered by a rape investigation, which took place in July this year. This guy, known to be an enemy of women, needs to be properly investigated and held accountable for his crimes.”

According to Statista, about half of rape cases were noticed among children of 5 to 13-year-old in 2021. Moreover, the other remaining cases were reported between 14 to 17 years of age.

About 606 cases of violence and at least 164 cases of rape per day have been reported. In 2017, more than 60 thousand cases all over the year, as per Wikipedia, only 10 percent of the cases were reported to police officials.

On the other hand, Monica Benicio shared another update in which she mentioned that all women should be respected. If a person does not like someone, still respecting a woman is necessary.

She noted, “Machismo is Machismo, even when it happens through men of the left. Respect JanjaLula. Respect all women. Respect, even those who do not limit themselves and do not act as you would like them to act.”

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