Germany: Tornado left 43 injured, says police

A Tornado in Germany has injured 43 individuals in several towns in the west, according to the police officials.

The officers in the city of Paderborn mentioned that the tornado ripped off roofs, as well as debris was strewn about for kilometres.

Ten individuals have been severely injured as well as one women’s life is in danger, they highlighted.

A 38-year-old man has also died in severe storms, which has lashed the region on Friday.

The police officials posted images showing the trees fell or split in half, as well as the roofs stripped of tiles, while images on social media appeared to show a tornado’s spinning column of air flinging debris.

Moreover, police in Paderborn, which has a population of about 150,000, mentioned in the statement, “Sheet metal, insulation and other materials were blown kilometres away. Countless roofs are covered or badly damaged. Many trees still lie on destroyed cars.”

The local media quoted police as saying the 38-year-old man had died in the town of Wittgert, around 180km (111 miles) southwest of Paderborn.

He suffered an electric shock in a flooded cellar, says the police officials.

Along with this, a fire department representative shared the information that the town of Lippstadt, around 30km (18 miles) from Paderborn, was also likely hit by a tornado, although there were no injuries were reported.

Furthermore, the images on social media showed that in the nearby Hellinghausen, a steeple had been ripped off the roof of a church tower, with the rubble scattered in the churchyard.

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