Belgium researchers outline true cause of deadly fungal infection

More than 15 percent of patients in intensive care with the flu or COVID-19 develop aspergillosis, a lung fungal infection, in Belgium.

Paris: 4-year-old dog infected with monkeypox, first case in dogs globally

A four-year-old dog in Paris was diagnosed with monkeypox, making it the first known case of monkeypox in dogs.

European Medical Agency gives green light to smallpox vaccine

The European Medicines Agency-EMA has given the green light to a smallpox vaccine to extend its use against the spread of monkeypox.

Belgium COVID caseload continues to spike; crosses 5,500 cases per day, says data

The number of the new COVID-19 infection is continuously increasing at a stable rate as well as has now surpassed 5,500 new cases per day, which is similar to the situation in mid-April this year.

Monkeypox virus could spread “Under the radar” for months or even years: Reports

The monkeypox virus, which suddenly emerged all over the world in the previous month, could have been circulating “Under the radar” for months or even years, as per the virologist Marc Van Ranst.

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