Germany: Hospital Association advises wearing masks indoors

Europe: The head of the Hospital Association from Germany is pressing the government to reintroduce a mask mandate indoors since a high number of COVID infections have made normal hospital operations “no longer possible.”

As per the sources, the head of the association, Gerald Gass, “We have the situation that we currently actually have as many COVID patients as at peak times this year.”

With the maximum number of infections continuing to increase in Germany, Gas said the health care centre “will probably have to report a new record figure coming week.”

Moreover, Gas mentioned that more healthcare employees are out sick as numbers rise. In addition, a high number of respiratory diseases beyond COVID has also contributed to the strain on the healthcare system.

In about half of the health care centres in Germany, Gass stated, “scheduled operations and treatments are already being postponed, beds are being closed due to a lack of staff, as well as hospitals have to withdraw from emergency care temporarily.”

Gass added to the statement, “State governments should work with their regional health departments to see where mandatory masks are appropriate indoors, including in large crowds.”

Along with this, the hospitals’ association chief mentioned that it is not just a question of regulations as well as requirements but of “appealing to people to wear masks for precautionary purposes voluntarily and to take advantage of the recommended vaccinations.”

The Federal Health Minister has previously called for the nation’s 16 states to reintroduce a mask mandate indoors. However, the decision to do so will ultimately be left up to the state level.

The majority of the nation has taken a wait as well as see approach will masks only mandatory on public transportation, elderly care homes as well as hospitals.

Furthermore, only Berlin, as well as Brandenburg, so far are considering reintroducing mask mandates indoors, while Lower Saxony will introduce restrictions based on the maximum number of infections.





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