France govt promotes eco-friendly vehicles, to provide 4,000 euros for choosing e-bikes

Europe: The government of France has expanded the size of the subsidy it offers to the individuals who trade in their fuel-powered cars for electric bikes to €4,000, which is about Rs 3.17 lakh per person, according to the sources.

The money is intended to encourage individuals to ditch pollution modes of transportation in favour of cleaner, more environmentally friendly ones, as per the reports.

The people who trade in their cars as well as live in low-emission urban zones in low-income households are qualified to get the entire subsidy to spend toward the purchase of an e-bike.

Along with this, bikes are also eligible for the incentive. The higher-income citizens of France can apply for lesser subsidies.

This was initially introduced in the previous year, and the subsidy was recently increased after officials determined that more was required to catch up with bike-loving rivals like the Netherlands, Germany, as well as Denmark.

As per the French government, 9 percent of the nation will switch to bicycles by 2024, which has been increased by 3 percent today. The Netherlands dominates this area, with a 27 percent share.

After exchanging their old vehicle, the people qualify for a subsidy of €1,000, about Rs 79,000, for the purchase of an electric bike, scooter, moped, motorcycle, or even public transportation credits, modelled after a hugely successful programme in Lithuania.

Furthermore, as part of its bike-friendly plans, President Emmanuel Macron’s government has mentioned in the statement that it will invest in making Paris bike-friendly. The city’s mayor- Anne Hidalgo, won re-election last year on a promise to expand bike paths by 130 kilometres.











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