France road tragedy left at least 6 people dead

France: From a head-on accident on the RN20 in the French Pyrenees on Friday, there were multiple injured, including two children. The incident took place at Savignac-les-Ormeaux, Ariège, at around 15:30.

In a hospital, four other casualties are in a critical state. According to Franceinfo, the accident happened on the primary highway between Toulouse and Andorra.

Amélie Robin, the public prosecutor, stated that the accident was “Very disturbing” and provided information on the cars and their occupants:

“A Toyota with a French license plate was being driven by what is thought to be a family consisting of a man, a wife, and two children. Everyone there was dead. Two occupants—a man and a woman—of the second car, a Peugeot Expert with a Spanish registration, perished, while four others were hurt. Along with the driver of the Spanish automobile, two others are receiving serious treatment.”

Those wounded were flown to medical facilities in Toulouse and Ariège (Chiva). The ambulances have since departed the area, but authorities are still investigating the incident. The investigation into involuntary homicide has begun.

According to preliminary examinations, the Spanish car veered to the left for an unknown cause. However, pinpointing the precise location of the autos before the incident is challenging.

Overnight, both lanes of traffic were diverted via Ax-Les-Thermes, which resulted in significant backups.



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