First Russian female military woman dies in Ukraine war: Reports

The first Russian female troop died in Ukraine four as well as a half months into Russia’s full-scale military operation against its pro-Western neighbor, as per the sources.

Anastasia Savitskaya, according to rumours, was a corporal from Volgograd in southwest Russia. It was unclear where in Ukraine she had passed away from or how.

According to local media accounts, Alexander Strukov, the head of Volgograd’s council of veterans, “[Savitsakaya] became the first female military soldier to die.”

The source withheld Savitskaya’s age at the moment of her passing.

According to the independent Russian media site iStories, the Volgograd area of Russia has had one of the highest regional death tolls in the Ukraine war, with a total of 136 service members killed in action.

Since March, when it claimed 1,351 soldiers were killed in Ukraine, the Russian government has not updated its official death toll.

From the start of the Russian invasion in February, approximately 4,500 Russian casualties have been certified by iStories, an independent organization that maintains track of military fatalities in Ukraine.

In the Russian Armed Forces last year, there were reportedly 40,000 women or fewer than 1 percent of the 900,000 personnel there.

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