Europe marks 4th death anniversary of Dionysis Arvanitakis, a.k.a Baker of Kos

Europe: Four years have passed since the death of the “baker of Kos”, Dionysis Arvanitakis, who had become known throughout Europe for his daily and continuous help to the refugees and immigrants who had come to the island. 

Notably, Dionysis Arvanitakis used to prepare and distribute the food items, almost on a daily basis to the hundreds of refugees who arrived on our island before the hospitality structures were created.

For his actions and social contributions, he was awarded the Civil Society Award in 2016 by the European Economic and Social Committee. The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, also referred to his kind actions and sympathy towards refugees, saying that “Europe is the baker in Kos who gives his bread to hungry and suffering souls”.

Regarding his award, Dionysis Arvanitakis had told the journalists: “My father was a farmer, and we were eight siblings. I went to Australia when I was fifteen because my family had nothing to eat. I was on a boat for forty days. When I got there, I couldn’t find a job, I couldn’t speak English, and I was forced to sleep on the street.

I know what it’s like to sleep on the street. So, every day I drive my truck to the port and distribute bread to the refugees. My son is my business partner. He says to me: Daddy, please. It’s good to help, but not every day. But I still go every day because I know what it’s like to have nothing.”

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