Europe Airports witnesses hike in passengers without valid signed passport

Europe: An increase in the number of passengers has been noticed turning up at the airport without a valid signed passport, claimed Kerry Latham, Personal Travel Counsellor. 

Following the departure from the EU, it is a requirement for all passports issued by HM Passport Office to be signed. Passports are now only valid once they have been signed.

Along with this, for the validation of the passport, it is imperative to have a valid signature. According to the Government of the United Kingdom, the passport holder cannot use the document until it is signed with a black ball pen. 

There are two exceptions when the passport holder does not require to sign, if

  • The person is aged 11 or under
  • The person is not able to sign because of a disability

In these instances, the passport will outline that ‘the holder is not needed to sign’ on the page with the name as well as a photo on it.

If the passport is not signed, the State Department won’t consider it a valid document.

Additionally, the validity of the passport depends on the nation. There is further travel advice for each European county one want to travel to. On the other hand, a British passport needs to renew before a person is travelling if there is not enough time. 

Travel rules do not apply while travelling to Ireland


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