Donetsk: Around 30 people trapped inside rubble of building hit by Russian missiles

Ukraine: Around 30 people are expected to be trapped under the rubble of collapsed building complex. The incident took place in eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk in Chasiv Yar following the Russian missile attack.

According to Pavlo Kirilenko, the governor of Donetsk, Russian Uragan-style missiles were used to destroy the five-storey structure. Five individuals were injured, and six fatalities have been verified, but many more are thought to have died.

As the rescue effort went on, two persons who were buried under the rubble were able to communicate, according to the governor of Donetsk.

On Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that Chasiv Yar had been shelled. Russia continues to deny striking Ukrainian civilian targets.

Furthermore, The Russian forces are now focusing on the Donetsk area after taking the Luhansk region. Moscow is battling in eastern Ukraine with pro-Russian rebels in an effort to seize full control of the Donbas from Kyiv.

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