Germany to relax strict restrictions on COVID-19 amid Omicron peak

In Germany, the case of the COVID-19 infection has set a record by the highest number of cases. On Friday, the Chancellor of Germany named, Olaf Scholz, mentioned the nation could ease COVID restrictions as the cases of the COVID-19 is showing a constant downward trend.

Scholz mentioned that the highest point of the COVID wave is still under observation as per the scientific forecasts data.

He mentioned, “That will permit us to have a look at the initial step at the reopening at the time of meeting in the coming week between the federal government and the states, and then the further steps for spring.”

However, for weeks, Germany has limited permission of access in the hospitality venues (bars and restaurants) for the individuals who are fully vaccinated (including the booster jab) against the variant of COVID-19 and on the other hand, for the people who are the tested on top of being fully vaccinated or have been recovered.

Along with this, the restrictions relating to the gatherings have also been set to almost ten people or for the two households if any of the un-vaccinated people is involved. Scholz stated that the leaders would have a discussion related to avoiding the risk of the COVID pandemic.

He further added, “At a similar time, we will be on the lookout and ready in the case that if the number of the ill people increases again.”

The health system has been working on the COVID situation since the pandemic has started. They have managed the crisis in a good way, without being affected by the pressure on the doctors and the workers of the health care centres.





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