Brussels extends support for anti-government protests in Iran

Belgium: Global demonstrations in favour of the Iranian opposition have taken place, including ones in Brussels, which prompted the city’s mayor, Philippe Close (PS), to display his support for Iranian women on 150 billboards.

Close tweeted that women have been sharing their rage and confusion about what transpired in court for several weeks. We’ve chosen to spread their message on the 150 billboards located in public areas.

All around Europe, protests have sprung up. In a show of support for Iranian women, state secretaries Nawal Ben Hamou (PS), Barbara Trachte (Ecolo), and regional minister Elke Van den Brandt (Green) all chopped off their hair in Brussels.

Swedish MEP Abir Al-Sahlani (Renew) carried out the political prank in the European Parliament. It has currently made its way into the entertainment industry thanks to famous French stars Marion Cotillard and Juliette Binoche cutting their hair.

Although political analysts do not think the demonstrations will bring down the government, they are one of the most significant threats to the Islamic Republic since it was established during the revolution in 1979.

After a 22-year-old Iranian lady died at the hands of the nation’s morality police, protests broke out there. Although Iranian authorities violently suppressed the nonviolent demonstrations, they have now lasted for weeks.

The deaths of civilians will be investigated, according to Iranian authorities. They have attributed the protests to a number of adversaries, including the Iranian Kurds, and claimed that Israel and the US were responsible for starting them.

As a result of the crackdown of the government on the demonstrators, some Western nations have tightened their sanctions against Iran. However, the action is escalating international tensions at a time when talks to revive the 2015 nuclear accord have stalled.

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