Brussels-Capital Region makes orange garbage bag compulsory from May 2023

Brussels, Belgium: The Regional Government determined on Thursday that starting in May 2023, all families in the Brussels-Capital Region would be required to use the orange garbage bag for organic waste, meaning kitchen waste will no longer be permitted in the white bag.

According to the sources, the Regional Government wishes to minimise the quantity of white bin bags filled with residual garbage in accordance with the European Waste Policy since too much plastic and kitchen waste still makes its way into the white bag before being burned.

Alain Maron, the Brussels Minister for Climate Transition, is proposing a reorganisation that will stop the white bag from being collected twice since the decision on the various ways of classifying organic waste and plastic will also have an impact on the weekly garbage collection.

It will only be collected once a week starting on May 1, 2023. But the specifics of how this would operate have not yet been determined and will be announced later this month.

From May, all garbage from plastic packaging must also be placed in a blue bag. Although it was previously permitted, from that point on, it will be required.

A similar change was attempted during the last legislative session by then-State Secretary Fadila Laanan, but it was put on hold after facing vehement opposition from the mayors and unions of Bruxelles Propreté.

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