Poland announces that it no longer requires travelers to follow COVID-19 entry rules

The authorities of Poland have made the announcement that the nation is no longer needed the coming traveler to follow the COVID-19 entry rules and regulations.

As per the announcement that has been created by the Government of Poland, all individuals, no matter if they are traveling from a European Union or a non-EU country, can now get access to Poland without being needed to present proof of the COVID-19 vaccination, recovery or the test certificate.

Moreover, it has been explained that the incoming travelers are no longer subject to the requirement of quarantine.

The government of Poland mentioned in the statement, “From 28 March 2022 onwards, all restrictions on travel to the Republic of Poland are lifted, which means there is no obligation to present COVID certificates when crossing the border, test for SARS-CoV-2, or undergo the so-called entry quarantine.”

Travelers who have not yet been immunized or recovered from the infection can get entry into Poland with the need to obey the entry rules and regulations and also the need for quarantine.

Along with this, the authorities have mentioned that the travelers should still meet the other entry criteria when reaching Poland, for instance, holding a valid travel passport or a valid visa, if applied to them.

The nation has also relaxed some of its COVID measures.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister of Poland named, Adam Niedzielski, highlighted that wearing a mask still remains important when visiting different healthcare institutions.

Furthermore, all travelers, regardless of their nation of origin, can now enter the eight countries that are mentioned above the restriction-free even if they have not been vaccinated against the COVID-19 infection or recovered from the virus.

However, restriction-free entry is also permitted for those who have not taken a pre-entry COVID-19 test.

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