Belgium: Price of residential care homes will rise in coming months

In Belgium, Europe, the standard rate in the several residential care homes in the nation will enormously rise in the coming months, basically as a result of the increase in the cost of energy.

As per the sources, the average pension in Belgium is already below the price of the accommodation in a residential care home, and the gap is getting wide further now that the majority of the houses in Flanders are adjusting their prices.

Moreover, the Roel Eerlingen of Integro, which is working on (runs) the nine homes in Limburg, mentioned during the interview. “Costs are rising, and we have no choice.”

“We have 1,200 employees, whose wages are all indexed, and our energy costs are rising. It is a dire necessity to be able to continue our operations.”

The per-day rates are not raised in all of the homes, including a care home is permitted to make an indexation two times a year but is not required to do so.

Along with this, the Antwerp Care Company has recently made the decision to charge 8 percent more in the bill for the residents, which has been resulted in over €100 extra every month.

The pension of an average employee is far below the price of living in a care home.

As per Johan Staes, who is the delegate director of the Flemish Independent Care Network, the gap between that the average pension as well as the price of the accommodation in a residential care home will carry on to extend.

Furthermore, he mentioned during an interview, “The pensions in Flanders are far too low. And the accommodation is very expensive because it is a secure environment with 24/7 care. And of course, residents pay their own living costs, meals, cleaning, etc., which is included in the daily price.”

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