Belgium: New ‘middle lanes’ to better safeguard bikers, announces minister of Mobility

Belgium: Since more and more Belgians commute by bicycle, Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo) has approved the construction of “middle lanes” to better safeguard cyclists, as per the sources.

Gilkinet argues that road users need to be adequately safeguarded. In order to promote road safety, he thinks that road users need not only greater control reinforcement and behavioural changes but also a legitimate position on the road. If a highway is not broad enough for a cycling route in either direction, the “middle lane” will be added.

According to the road’s plan, a middle lane will be made available for automobiles through broken lines. Bicyclists will have space to ride safely on both sides of the road.

In order to pass or cross other cars in the side lane without endangering pedestrians or bicycles, drivers will be forced to travel in the centre part at a reasonable pace.

After Thursday, October 1st, other new traffic laws take effect, and this new kind of lane can begin construction. When traffic begins to slow down, drivers in Belgium will be expected to make room for emergency vehicles.

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