Belgium: Monkeypox vaccination tactic will alter on Monday

Belgium will alter its immunisation strategy for monkeypox as of August 1 in response to an increase in cases and growing worldwide concern. Only people who have had direct touch with a monkeypox patient can receive the vaccine, and Belgium has currently ordered 3,000 doses.

The government’s vaccination programme will undergo additional revisions at the beginning of next month, according to Yves Van Laethem, a medical specialist at Brussels‘ Saint-Pierre hospital, who spoke with the sources.

Along with this, the medical expert mentioned in the statement, “From next week, four additional groups will be vaccinated in advance. The two main groups are a gay or transgender sex workers and gay men who have had STDs and who either carry HIV or take medication to prevent acquiring the virus through sex.”

In Belgium, there have been 393 instances of monkeypox infection as of July 25. The first reports of the virus’ mortality outside of west Africa have been reported in Spain and Brazil, raising concerns that it might endanger the immunocompromised. Since May, eight deaths have been reported globally. Currently, there are 3,783 instances worldwide.

The greatest degree of hazard, the monkeypox virus, has been deemed a “public health emergency as a worldwide concern” by the World Health Organization, which has even requested that males who have sex with men limit their sexual exposure in order to enhance protection for the vulnerable group. Within this group, 98 percent of instances have been documented.

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