Belgium is bracing Monday as a “Freedom Convoy”

In Belgium, the demonstration against the COVID-19 that is associated with a “Freedom Convoy” leads the protesters to the capital. The motorized protests have been banned in Brussels as well as checkpoints have been placed up around the border of Belgium.

The Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, mentioned, “We never had the rules and regulations that were too hard, and we do not have so much any longer. So, complain at residence.”

Moreover, as per the information provided by the Hong Kong leader named Carrie Lam, “The attack of the fifth wave of the epidemic has dealt a destruction to Hong Kong and overwhelmed the capacity of the city of handling.”

She further mentioned, “The condition is highly not wanted as well as the government feels worries and sorry about it.”

According to the sources, the average cases of the individuals getting infected from the COVID-19 variant has been reported as 100 at the starting of February month, but now it has been increased to more than 1,300 everyday cases, and it has now been reported that it is going to grow more.

Lam mentioned in the statement that Hong Kong and China is going to manage together to fight the disturbing circumstances.

As per the data provided in a report, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, is planning to ship over 500 million free of cost COVID test to the individuals of America or around four tests to each of the households, “The shortchanges people of the US of colour and hardest-hit communities.”

Along with this, the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center has shared the data on Monday in which there are 412 million COVID cases has been noticed worldwide and approximately a million global deaths.




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