French police kills a man at Gare du Nord station for knife-attack

Police in the French capital killed a man who allegedly attacked them with a knife. The incident happened at Paris’s Gare du Nord station. On Monday, about 7 a.m. (06:00 GMT), the incident occurred at the London train terminus.

“The assailant died on the spot,” Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari told RMC radio, adding that two police officers were injured but not seriously.

In a tweet, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said, “The police utilised rifles, thus eliminating all threat, both for themselves and for travellers.”

Two gunshots can be heard in a video released on social media by a France Television journalist who was at the railway station at the time.

Djebbari continued, “It was a guy known to the police as someone who strolled around the station.” “With a knife, he appeared to have attacked the officers, compelling them to use their weapon.”

The Gare du Nord is one of Europe’s largest train terminals, with international train services to the United Kingdom and Belgium.

According to Djebarri, the event caused considerable traffic congestion on Monday morning. He went on to say that the incident was not linked to terrorism.

Voters in France are concerned about violent crime and terrorism ahead of the presidential election in April.

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