Belgium contract-based marriages have been increased by 10% in 2021 than 2020

In Belgium, the cases related to the average contract-based marriages have been noticed as 11,456 in total in the previous year, and there is a 10 percent increase in weddings compared to 2020.

As per the data shared by the Federation of Notaries Public on Friday, the maximum number is still lower than in 2019, which are 1500, 20 percent, and this was before the COVID-19 pandemic in the previous year.

Moreover, the spread of the Noval coronavirus has had a significant impact on couples and their plans related to marriage in various regions.

In Wallonia, in 2021, the majority of the marriage contracts were 3,500, which was less than the figures that were reported in 2019 that is (3,831

Meanwhile, in Brussels, the maximum count in a similar year in both the years in 1275. On the other hand, in Flanders, there is a downfall in the cases of marriages that have been reported, which is 6,675 in 2021, and it is far less as compared to two years before as 7,919.

Additionally, according to the federation, there are few marriage contracts noticed, but it doesn’t mean that there were fewer marriages.

The maximum number of people who get married without a contract under the shadow of law and only a marriage contract will give permission to the individuals to diverge from it.

The public notaries highlighted that delaying the marriage has implications for the safety of the partner. They focused that living together does not provide a protection guarantee, and it has been mentioned that if one of the partners dies, then a will has been prepared that the other one will receive nothing.

Furthermore, Legal cohabitation avail limited protection, the spouse gets the home and the property, but in other cases, there are differences.

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