Belgium: A Bpost van crashed with the back of a truck on Tuesday morning in Diest, Flemish Brabant. On Tuesday, the mayor of Diest, Christophe De Graef, revealed that the van driver did not survive the collision.

The mayor mentioned in the statement, “The accident happened this morning around 6 am on the Leuvensesteenweg between the Action store and the Happy Work restaurant.”

He added that the van driver was taken to the nearby health care centre, but the medics were not able to save the man who died from the wounds.

Moreover, a traffic expert was since sent to the scene of the impact to investigate the circumstances of the accident and collect all of the necessary details.

It is still not clear what has given rise to the accident, but Belgium has taken some of the steps to make sure better safety for the individuals on the road.

Along with this, as per the officials, if any of the people will be caught while using their mobile phones while driving in the Halle-Vilvoorde area in the Flemish district surrounding Brussels could risk losing their driving licence between May 1 to June 30.

On the Belgian highways, there will no longer be a tolerance margin for speeding come this summer, while the police are amping up testing to catch the drunk driver.

Furthermore, it recently emerged that Belgian are among the most stressed and noisiest drivers behind the wheel in Europe.