Antwerp city officials are planning to vaccinate children in zoo

In Antwerp city, in Belgium‘s River Scheldt, have found an engrossing way to provide vaccination to the children with the initial shot against the COVID-19 variant in Antwerp zoo.

As per the sources, Antwerp city has decided to embrace a different way to vaccinate the youngsters as the cases of the COVID-19 is increasing simultaneously globally. The city is going to use the Antwerp zoo to inoculate the kids for their first dose for the vaccination.

The Belgian officials have made this decision to vaccinate the young ones in the zoo as they don’t want to frightened the minor children from the needles. On the other hand, it is imperative to provide vaccination jabs to children under the age of five, as they are becoming prime target of contagious mutant.

More additional patience is required in the case of young ones for vaccinating them. Around the zoo entrance, all the zoo animals were arranged as the safari tents provided this information in the picture. They display the photograph of the animal to the kids, and the kids select the preferable animals so that while they are getting the shot, the animals can keep them engaged while sitting in the tent. Any uneasiness was immediately escaped when the children and their parents were granted entry to roam around the zoo’s conservatory.

Steven Van Gucht, the head of the Viral Diseases in Belgium, is the fifth wave of the new variant of the COVID-19 Omicron. Since the beginning of the month of January, there have been approximately 125,000 cases recorded on a daily basis.

Gucht said the fifth wave is already begun, and the number of infected people is soaring as the percentage of the infected people have been rising by 82 percent during a week.

A week before, there were average cases of 6500, and with the passage of time, it has been reached around 12,000.

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