Amid rising temperatures, Belgium could witness rainfall this week, says forecast

Belgium: In the previous week, there was a long period of drought and another heatwave. The conditions are due to be markedly cooler and damper this week, with rainfall forecast for most regions in Belgium and intense showers in some areas.

From Monday, clouds, as well as local showers, are due all over the nation, with the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) warning of localised thunder and heavy rain.

In some of the places, there will be no rainfall, as per the sources, “We expect local showers of thundery character that can be quite intense here and there during the day and overnight, with possibly more than 10 mm of precipitation in one hour. This could even see some hail.”

After months of drought, the ground has become extremely dry with the result that heavy precipitation is fully absorbed but instead runs off the surface, increasing the chance of flooding.

On the other hand, a new daily temperature record was broken on Sunday in Brussels at the start of the afternoon, as 31.1°C was recorded, confirmed by meteorologist David Dehenauw on Twitter.

Since temperatures were recorded, the previous record for August 14 dated back to 1911 and stood at 31 degrees.

Meanwhile, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the day to know the final result, underlines the meteorologist.

The nation has officials been in a heat wave since Saturday.

On August 13, the temperature in the nation again exceeded 25 degrees Celsius for the fifth day in a row.

For the record, a heat wave in Belgium is defined by temperatures above 25°C for at least five days, with the mercury exceeding 30°C for about three days.


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