Woman dies after fire broke out in house in Rue du College

Europe: A woman died after a fire broke out in a house in the Rue du Collège on Wednesday, nearby Place Flagey in the Brussels municipality of Ixelles.

It was only during the clean-up after the fire had been put out that the body of the woman was found in the burnt-out flat, the Brussels fire service reported. “Our thoughts are with the next of kin and the family of the deceased.”

Moreover, it reportedly concerns and inhabitants of the flat, as per the sources.

The fire service was called for a house fire at about 11:20, as well as determined on arrival that the fire was situated on the first floor and had extended through a dome to the rear façade and the backside of the roof. Smoke was able to be seen in many parts of the neighbourhoods.

Along with this, the fire service managed to prevent the fire from spreading to the adjoining houses but had to demolish a part of the roof to do so.

Furthermore, the possible cause of the fire is not yet known.

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