What are the Top Shows like Prison Break? Which One Should You Watch?

In its original five-season run, the ‘Prison Break’ was extremely popular. It brought to the table a new type of drama. Michael Scofield was instantly hit in the audience for the quest to assist his brother, Lincoln Burrows, to escape the prison. The show was written smartly, and the actors played excellently. The approach was creative, and each action plan seemed to be well-conceived.

This show’s tremendous popularity brought it back to life, and last year it was broadcast. Now, it’s renewed well underway for another season. If you want something to help you with the break before the next season, here are your choices.

1. Orange Is the New Black

Shows Like Prison Break

Perhaps the next best-known series on prison lives is based on the book of the same name. During its five seasons, this show has become very popular and has also received much critical applause. For her girlfriend, Piper Chapman had contrabanded drug money. But it was ten years ago. The show doesn’t deal with the breakdown, but rather the life inside the prison compared with outdoor life.

2. Mindhunter

Shows Like Prison Break

These two officers built criminal profiles from scratch before the BAU was formed. The reason for the BAU’s perceptibility, Holden Ford and Bill Tench are both agents, who travel throughout the country, face all kinds of difficulties in interviewing serial killers, and developing criminal profiling and psychology methodologies.

3. Oz

The first one ever to come from HBO’s Box in Pandora was this series. This is a play of ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ as the name implies. This movie is set in the Oswald State Correctional Facility and concentrates on prisoners’ life and power in different prisons.


Shows Like Prison Break

The NAS is much like the FBI except for the marines and the marine forces. It’s one of the longest-running events with several spins-offs. The core story, however, follows a team of investigators from Washington who respond to Navy crimes.

5. Breakout Kings

Even if the ‘Prison Break’ is not a direct spin-off, it has a certain amount of continuity. The Task Force takes the criminal who has escaped from prison. A few present prisoners are offered help in addition to the U.S. Marshals. Their sentence will be reduced by a year for each fugitive they catch.

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