Mr. Trump’s GOP and Congress Retake Predictions!

On the Saturday night, the former President of the USA, Donald Trump, stated that soon in 2022, GOP will retake Congress in 2022. He said in the speech to party donors that the White House in 2024 will be re-taken by them and he is optimistic about the GOP’s chances for success in the 2022 midterms. According to Trump, they will be able to recapture the White House in 2024. However, he did not mentioned if he will be the representative in that election, but he often teased a potential candidacy.

Trump stated, “I stand before you this evening filled with confidence that in 2022, we are going to take back the House and we are going to reclaim the Senate — and then in 2024, a Republican candidate is going to win the White House.”

Donald Trump, frequently diverged from the script prepared for nearly hour-long speech. Also, he again  aimed at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who blasted Mr. Trump. He followed his acquittal in his second impeachment trial, called Mr. McConnell a “total stone cold loser.” Trump has constantly complained  about the frauds in the 2020 election during his speech. As a matter of fact, he lost more than 60 court cases along with his allies. This, challenged the results of the November election and Mr. Trump’s own attorney general said there is nothing that can prove that it was a fraud at a level that “could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

Mr. Trump’s only key to success is to “build on the gains our amazing movement has made over the past four years.” Further, he marked that he has new voters into the GOP and stressed that his populist “America First” message will definitely support the party  to grow in future.

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