What are the Best Nintendo Switch Controllers For 2021?

The small Joy-Con controllers of the Nintendo Switch are good for simple multi-game (drifting problems aside), but the bigger Nintendo Switch Pro controller is far better for more demanding gaming. With its full Dpad and bigger buttons, the Switch Pro controller is much more convenient for finding the right controller when feeling hot. All Nintendo controlling features, such as HD Rumble, Amiibo NFC scanning, and motion control, are supported and work wired or wirelessly. It is excellent, but there are regularly between $60 and $70.

A few third parties are available at smaller prices with Switch Pro-like controllers. We have tested various possibilities to locate the best Switch controller to buy. In comfort and button feeling, Nintendo’s official game controller still leads the way, but some of these alternatives come close. Going on the Switch Pro controller of a third party also has some advantages over and above a lower price. For instance, some have a Turbo button for faster firing rates or mappable buttons for the easier triggering of certain commands.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Controller

If the official Switch Pro Controller is available, do it, as I mentioned above. It is the best you can get at present in terms of comfort, performance, and features.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

The PowerA wireless controller is closest to Nintendo’s Pro controller feel and design, and you usually receive it from Amazon, Best Buy, and other sources for $40 –$50, depending on your design.

3. Beeboncool Switch Pro Controller

Many external controllers don’t have certain functions on their Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, such as the NFC Amiibo functionality, vibration, or motion control. The Beboncool has a customizable turbo button at around half the price, normally around 30 dollars.

4. 8BitDo SN30 Pro Plus Bluetooth Gamepad

Nintendo Switch Controller

This Bluetooth controller is for you if you want to customize it. You can rework buttons, adjust the stick, trigger sensitivity, and vibration management with 8BitDo’s Ultimate software, and create macros easily for complicated button combinations. The left-hand controls are reversed so that the layout is more similar to a PlayStation controller.

5. PowerA Nano-Enhanced Wireless Controller

This is like the ordinary but smaller PowerA Enhanced controller. The 50$ Nano features the larger model’s appearance, feel, and characteristics, including motion controls, rumbling, and mappable buttons. However, it works on an integrated rechargeable battery rather than AA substitute cells.

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