Follow these Regular activities and reduce the risk of severe Covid-19!

The recent study by the Kaiser Permanent found that the individuals who follow the US Department of Health and Human Services’ physical activity guidelines, showed the lower incidences of hospitalization, ICU admission and death due to Covid-19 illness. However, this includes the 150 minutes per week of middling to sturdy physical activity.

Here are few effective and feasible strategies to lower the risk of Covid-19, they are :

Regular Walks!

The main, basic and easiest thing to be done is going for walks daily. Walking is just accessible and is easy to discount its benefits. The brisk walk is one of the most underrated, health-boosting, fat-burning exercises available to humankind.

Short spurts of activity

The people who are all set with more sedentary careers, it is easy for them going with shorter spurts of exercise. Thus, when 22 minutes are broken into the smaller blocks of time throughout the day, they will be surprised how fast that time flies by.

Work smart not Hard!

It is very important to do some work out for 22 minutes per day. This is highly effective and more than enough to hit the 150-minute weekly threshold. It is effective and heart-healthy way to get in those minutes, with an instant interval training session. This session consists of four rounds of five exercises performed for one minute each. However, this could include body-weight exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, hip bridges and jumping jacks.

Go Back to Basic Playing Schedule!

All of us remember our childhood, especially the way we all used to play the sports. Thus, this can be added to the everyday activities. The individuals have to dedicate some of their time to the sports they admire to play. Consequently, this leads blood pumping while you enjoy quality time together.

Track your activity!

Notably, there are many wearable technical options for tracking your activity. People can use smart watches and their smartphones to keep a check on their activities.

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