Ukraine war: 8 Russian Fighter jets destroy in Crimea airbase attack

On the 169’th day of Russia Ukraine war, the Ukrainian air force attacked a Russian airbase in Crimea; the Peninsula Russia seized in 2014. The U.N. security council organized an emergency meeting on Thursday about Russia’s shelling the Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

The Security Council is to address the bombing near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Ukraine and Russia accused each other of shelling their power station, the most significant nuclear plant in Europe, and the officials are worried about a nuclear catastrophe.

The U.N.’s atomic energy has sounded the alarm, and the Group of Seven leading countries told Russia to hand back the plant to Ukraine.

But Russia has shown no signs of complying with that request.
On Crimea, Ukraine publicly claimed responsibility for the explosions at the Saki air base, while Russia denied the attack. Russia claimed that munitions caught fire and exploded’ killing one person and injuring 13 others. Russia denied the fact that any aircraft were damaged, but satellite photos show at least eight fighter jets blown up and more damaged. Craters can also be seen in satellite images.

Unnamed Ukrainian officials said that Kyiv’s forces were responsible for attacking the Saki air base on the western coast of Crimea, but they didn’t give any details. They noted its source would not reveal what type of weapon caused the explosions but added, “A device exclusively manufactured and assembled in Ukraine was used.”

A Ukrainian presidential adviser, Oleksiy Arestovych, said The attacked site, Crimea, is at least 200 kilometres from the nearest Ukrainian position, and it was out of the range of the missiles the United States has supplied to Ukraine. The explosions were either caused by a Ukrainian made long-range weapon, or the guerrillas in Crimea carried out this operation single-handedly.

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