UK: Royal Family moves to Windsor, prioritizing children’s education

The Cambridge children are all set to begin their lives outside the luxuries at Lambrook school, near Windsor in Berkshire, on Thursday morning.

Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis will start at Lambrook school near Windsor. The Duke and Duchess Willam and Kate took their three children to School on Wednesday.

The five were filmed stepping along a path in front of the school to meet the headteacher, Jonathan Perry.

Four-year-old Prince Louis is starting his full-time education in the school; his nine-year-old brother and little sister Charlotte look happy and confident in the photographs.

The royal couple, Prince William and Kate, also seemed happy and were chatting while on their way to school.

William called his children “all the gang” as he guided them up the steps of the large white 19th-century country mansion and said the three of them were looking forward to starting.

“Welcome to Lambrook,” Principle of Lambrook school, Jonathan Perry, told the children. “It’s lovely to have you with us. We’re very excited for the year ahead.”

The Principle of Lambrook school shook hands with three of the new students, and while shaking, he asked, “Are you excited?” with all three replying, “yes”.

Prince Willam stated, “We’re looking forward to it,” adding that the children had “lots of questions”.

The open afternoon was a chance for the children to meet some of the other new pupils and also no doubt a possibility for new parents to get used to the fact they may see Prince William and Kate at the school gates.

Prep school Lambrook, set on 52 acres of grounds, prides itself on giving pupils the “feathers to fly”, helping their students aged from three to 13 to become confident, intelligent and creative young people.

The Good Schools Guide, Managing Director Melanie Sanderson, says it will be fulfilling and easy for William and Kate. They decided to move to Windsor for the children to have more privacy.

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