UK records fresh fresh 77 cases of monkeypox, confirms UKHSA

Europe: The United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) shared the information about an additional 77 cases of monkeypox, which has been confirmed in all over the United Kingdom.

It is bringing the outbreak total to 302 as of yesterday. Currently, there are 287 confirmed cases in England, ten in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland, as well as three in Wales.

Moreover, the agency stated that the men who have sex with men are still disproportionately affected by this outbreak and urged citizens to contact a sexual health clinic if they notice new rashes or blisters, especially if they have had new sexual partners in the previous three weeks or if they have recently visited West or Central Africa.

In the entire worldwide, the monkeypox outbreak in non-endemic nations to grown, with over 780 cases reported in the last three weeks. So far, 27 countries have recorded cases.

Along with this, the World Health Organisation (WHO) mentioned in a disease bulletin over the weekend, mentioned in the statement, “The sudden & unexpected appearance of monkeypox simultaneously in several non-endemic nations suggests that there might have been untraced transmission for some unknown duration of time followed by recent amplifier events.”

Of the 780 cases, 688 were from Europe, with 80 from the Americas. In Spain, there were 156 cases, and in Portugal, 138 have the most cases outside of the United Kingdom.

Some of the people have been admitted to the hospitals, and no deaths have been reported.

The majority of the cases are not present with classic monkeypox, which usually consists of a fever followed by a rash on the hands and face.

Instead, the patients are present with a genital or anogenital rash.

The World Health Organisation mentioned in the statement, “Cases were initially and mainly identified amongst men self-identified as part of extended sexual networks.

“Some nations are reporting that new generations of cases are no longer appearing only among known contacts of earlier confirmed cases, suggesting that chains of transmission are being missed through the undetected circulation of the virus.”

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