Belgian food, drinks are doing better than ever in UK

Europe– The food and drinks of Belgium are doing better than ever in the United Kingdom and even outperforming products from other neighboring nations, despite the effects of Brexit.

The Belgian food as well as drink exports to the United Kingdom has been increased by 33 percent than to 2019, as per to Fevia, which is the Belgian food and drink federation.

Moreover, the energy Ministry Tinne Van der Straeten mentioned in the statement, “The Belgian food and beverage industry produces high quality products, renowned worldwide. It is also an innovative sector that has built up valuable knowhow over the years, from offering solutions against food loss and waste, to recycling of packaging and energy efficiency.”

“I am convinced that the Belgian food industry is of value to the British market, offering delicious foods and drinks and many innovations in the sector.”

This week, 30 Belgian food firms are taking part in a Belgian economic mission to the United Kingdom in the hopes of maximizing the British market’s development potential.

Along with this, Fevia stated in a statement, “With the UK no longer part of the EU, the nation now ranks as the premier overseas export destination for Belgian food and beverages, accounting for 10% of our exports and representing €2.89 billion in turnover in 2022.”

“Drinks, both alcoholic & non-alcoholic, recorded the strongest growth last year. In addition, our prepared vegetables & fruit – our Belgian fries in particular – along with our cereal & dairy products are in high demand.”

British consumers currently buy 15 percent of their food as well as drinks online. Ocado, the largest online retailer for food products in the United Kingdom, saw its sales go up by 31 percent since the pandemic.

Their website will soon include a section dedicated to the “Best of Belgium,” which Fevia believes will help to improve the image of Belgian food and drink among British customers.

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