Travel Nightmare for 300 Belgians stranded in Punta Cana as flight faces unexpected setback

Brussels, Belgium: 300 Belgian travellers found themselves stranded in Punta Cana, a popular tourist destination in the Dominican Republic, after their flight back to Brussels faced multiple delays and was ultimately cancelled.

The ordeal began when the passengers, anticipating their departure at 16:00 on Thursday, were met with a series of setbacks, leaving them stranded far from home.

According to accounts from one passenger, identified as Julie by RTL, the situation has quickly escalated into a holiday-turned-nightmare.

“Our flight was first delayed and then cancelled,” she reported, highlighting the uncertainty and disappointment among the stranded travellers.

The repercussions are not only emotional but also extend to urgent medical needs.

Another passenger revealed, “My parents are stuck, and my dad hasn’t had his medicine for three days,” emphasizing the gravity of the situation and the impact on the well-being of those affected.

Upon reaching out to TUI, the travel company at the centre of this debacle, RTL received confirmation that the 300 Belgians were indeed stranded due to a “plane breaking down.”

A TUI spokesperson acknowledged the severity of the situation, stating, “We are trying to find a solution as quickly as possible.” The cause of the prolonged delay is attributed to the need for TUI to secure an alternative aircraft for the stranded passengers.

Initially, attempting a repair by sending parts to fix the grounded plane proved unsuccessful, prompting the travel company to shift focus towards securing another aircraft for the stranded travellers.

The spokesperson explained, “We sent parts to repair the plane, but unfortunately, that didn’t work. We are now trying to find a plane to bring these people back as quickly as possible.”

In the interim, TUI has taken measures to ensure the well-being of the affected Belgians, arranging temporary accommodations for all stranded passengers.

Despite the inconvenience, TUI has assured compensation for the travellers upon their return to Belgium.

Each individual is set to receive €600 in acknowledgement of the disrupted travel plans and the associated hardships during the unexpected extended stay.

As TUI works diligently to resolve the situation and facilitate the return of the stranded Belgians, the affected individuals anxiously await updates on their repatriation.

The travel nightmare serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability inherent in international travel, even as companies strive to navigate challenges and mitigate the impact on their passengers.


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