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India’s Chenab Rail Bridge: World’s Tallest Railway Bridge at 359m, Surpasses Eiffel Tower

The media has bestowed distinct acknowledgement upon India's remarkable engineering proficiency for the construction of the Chenab Rail Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir, which is currently the world's tallest railway bridge. The said bridge spans a height of 359 metres above the Chenab River, surpassing the height of the Eiffel Tower by 35 metres.

India: CS Arun Mehta inspects development works in Jammu under Smart City Mission

Jammu and Kashmir, India: The Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir, Arun Kumar Mehta, personally evaluated the ongoing developmental projects under the Smart City Mission as he toured the Jambu Zoo in Jammu City on April 18, 2023. He also inspected the pathways and footpaths, and Junctions undergoing improvements in the Gandhi Nagar and Bahu Fort area within the framework of the same project.

J&K election commission to enroll Kashmiri migrant pandits as voters

Jammu and Kashmir: The state election commission of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to enrol Kashmiri migrant pandits who are currently living in various parts of India as voters. The government has established teams to carry out this process, which includes those who had to leave the Kashmir valley due to unfavourable circumstances and are officially recognized as migrants living in Jammu and other parts of the nation.

Jammu and Kashmir registers 15% growth with centrally sponsored schemes

Srinagar, India: In the recently concluded financial year,Jammu and Kashmir recorded the highest-ever expenses under the Centrally sponsored schemes. The reports state that the sum of Rs 7655 Crore that was received in 2021-22 grew up to Rs 8938 Crore during 2022-23, which indicates a growth of about 15 per cent.

India: Zoji La Tunnel project progresses ahead, to be completed by December 2026

Srinagar, India: The construction of Zoji La Tunnel, being carried out by Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limite( MEIL) will be completed and delivered for the service of the citizens by December 2026. The foundation stone of the project was laid by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, back in May 2018.

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