India: Dipa Ma, famous Buddhist meditation expert transforming lives worldwide

Thimphu [Bhutan]: People worldwide who want to learn about meditation go to a small apartment in Kolkata that belongs to Dipa Ma, a famous Buddhist meditation expert. She transformed the lives of many people around the world through her amazing journey.

According to Bhutan Live, people worldwide continue to be inspired and guided by the life and teachings of this individual.

As reported by Bhutan Live, Nani Bala Barua was the given name of a girl born in a small village in Bangladesh. She was raised in a family that practiced Buddhism and regularly participated in religious ceremonies and celebrations. Although her family did not meditate, Nani developed a keen interest in religion.

Nani was affectionately referred to as “Dipa Ma” or “Mother of Light” after her daughter’s name, Dipa, which means “light,” following her transition into motherhood.

According to Bhutan Live, Dipa Ma turned to meditation to cope with her grief after her husband’s sudden death in 1957. Despite trying conventional therapy with no success, she found solace in meditation, eventually leading to her becoming a renowned Buddhist meditation teacher, transforming the lives of numerous people worldwide.

After attending her first retreat at a Buddhist monastery in Rangoon, Dipa Ma discovered her natural inclination for meditation, even though she suffered injuries in a dog attack. She contemplated becoming a Buddhist nun but decided to follow the spiritual path as a householder since she was a single mother with responsibilities. In 1967, she relocated to Calcutta and began teaching meditation to female householders, proving that being a wife and mother did not hinder spiritual advancement. As a result, she gained the moniker “patron saint of householders.”

Dipa Ma was invited to teach at the Massachusetts Insight Meditation Society in the early 1980s, despite her busy schedule. Despite her hectic schedule, she remained dedicated to her pupils, frequently teaching from early morning until late at night. She passed away on September 1, 1989, at the age of 78.

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