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American College of Greece, US Embassy in Athens celebrate Education Unites 2023

Greece: The US Embassy in Athens and the American College of Greece "celebrated" at the ACG Events Hall the support they provided through the "Education Unites 2023" scholarship program to more than 40 refugee, immigrant and displaced students, as well as students at risk who are facing financial difficulties . The US Ambassador, George Tsunis was also present at the event in Greece.

Greece: Alexis Tsipras gets acquainted with Just Go Zero Program in Tilos

Greece: The Greek Leader of Opposition, Alexis Tsipras, visited Tilos, where he got acquainted with the Just Go Zero Pilot Program, which collects and manages the waste in a fully circular way in order to eliminate its environmental footprint, such that no waste ends up in landfills and dumps.

Greece anticipates refugee aftershock following Turkey earthquake

Greece: The scenario of an increase in immigration pressures as a result of the tragic consequences of the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey is of great concern to the government, which, however, notes with satisfaction the conversion of Ankara, which appears in recent days to lower its tone towards Athens.

Vultepsi-Amyras: Action with immigrants in Schistos to protect Environment

Rocco: The message that is protecting and caring for the Environment is everyone's business was sent by the Schistos Structure by the Deputy Ministers of Migration and Asylum and Environment and Energy Sofia Voultepsi and Giorgos Amyras, as well as the head of the IOM in Greece, Ambassador Gianluca Rocco.

Greece: Syrian refugee Baida al-Saleh under microscope for three offences

Greece: The prosecutor's investigation into Baida al-Saleh, the woman who allegedly invented and spread the fake news from the island of Evros, is in full progress. The 27-year-old Syrian now lives in Germany but has not filed an asylum request in the country.

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